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Sellers Advocate

Selling your property? Get the best price at no additional cost.

Independent advice and sale strategy. It makes selling so easy.

Many of our clients say, “Selling my property is a lot more involved than I thought”, which is not surprising given that most people only sell four or five properties in a lifetime – in different markets and locations – making it difficult to fully understand the true value of your property. Selling your property can also be time consuming and leave you vulnerable to high pressure selling techniques from real estate agents.

Specialising in Melbourne’s inner city and bayside property markets, a Synergy vendor advocate will help you to understand the true value of your property, select and manage a real estate agent to sell your property, and present and market your property to optimise the sale price. And it’s a cost neutral service to you – we get paid out of the selected agent’s commission.

A Synergy vendor advocate offers objective advice to make the selling process easier for you – helping you develop the best strategy to achieve the best possible price for your property.

Synergy vendor advocates manage the sale of your property from beginning to end. Synergy vendor advocates take the hard work out of selling your home by:

  • Matching your property with the most appropriate real estate agent, so you achieve the best price
  • Organising appraisals in a standardised format
  • Explaining real estate agents’ commissions and negotiating on your behalf with your selected agent
  • Working with the agent to develop the most effective marketing campaign
  • Ensuring your selected agent communicates via a pre-determined reporting system – ensuring timely, quality information
  • Disseminating market feedback – helping you set your reserve price and fine tune the final strategy
  • Helping you to assess offers and negotiate terms and conditions
  • Managing every step of your sale
  • Selecting the best agent, so you achieve the best price

It’s imperative that you select the right agent, within the right agency, to sell your property. Real estate agents have different areas of specialty, different databases and different types of marketing and negotiation skills. Synergy’s vendor advocates will help you identify and select the best local real estate agent to manage the sale of your property. This process involves interviewing the agents, reviewing their reports using our rating system and discussing the potential candidates with you. Once you have made a decision we will appoint the chosen agent to market your property and manage their performance on your behalf.

Synergy vendor advocates work with your selected agent to create an integrated marketing plan – covering both offline and online advertising – to achieve the best possible price for your property. Once you start receiving offers we’ll be there to discuss and advise on your next move. If you are selling at auction we will be at your side throughout the entire process, including helping you to set the reserve and supervising the auction on auction day.

How will a Synergy vendor advocate help you?

Your Synergy vendor advocate will provide you with a range of options for selling your home – auction, tender or private sale – and make sure you have all the information needed to decide on the most suitable method for you.

We provide research on sales statistics and trends, recent property sales, and comparative information about properties similar to yours in the local area, presenting a realistic market appraisal so you can make accurate, informed decisions.

Presenting your property to potential buyers at its most engaging will help ensure a quick sale. Sometimes it’s the little details that give your property the edge. Your Synergy vendor advocate will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and discuss presentation methods to maximise your sale price. We can help you organise everything from home and garden maintenance, to creating a pleasant ambience.

Expert advice at no additional cost

Best of all, Synergy’s vendor advocate service is cost neutral. Our fee is deducted from the real estate agents standard selling fee.

Synergy Seller’s Advocates know how to sell a property. We understand what sells and sometimes it’s the smaller details that give your property the edge.

Contact the team at Synergy on 03 9425 5988 or email to find out more about how we can help you save time and stress, and get the best price for your property.

Vendor advocates take the stress out of selling your property

Dealing with real estate agents, marketing campaigns, knowing what the property should sell for and how to get it ready for sale, can really put the pressure on. Synergy vendor advocates help people from all walks of life to achieve a premium price for the sale of their property. Regardless of whether you’re time poor, inexperienced managing real estate agents and the sale process, or require an independent party to sell a deceased estate, Synergy vendor advocates work on your behalf to get the best price for your property.

Using a Synergy vendor advocate is a cost neutral service; our fee is deducted from the real estate agent’s standard selling fee.

  • Time poor executives
  • Executors
  • Professional advisers
  • Recently divorced
  • Overseas and interstate owners and investors
  • Retirees

If this sounds like you and you want to know how to use a vendor advocate to take the stress out of selling your property, contact the team at Synergy on 03 9425 5988 or email .

Time poor executives

If you want to stay in control of selling your property, but don’t have the time to manage the detailed sale process yourself, a Synergy vendor advocate is an ideal way to streamline the process and optimise the price achieved.


As an independent property adviser, Synergy vendor advocates take the pressure off executors named to manage a deceased estate. A vendors advocate can remove the potential for conflict, over-pricing and adds another layer of probity to what can often be an emotional transaction.

Professional advisors

Synergy vendor advocates offer a property service for financial planners, accountants and solicitors to refer their clients when selling their property as part of their strategy counsel.

Recently divorced

Our vendor advocates pride themselves on their discrete and professional their approach. Divorce can be a particularly difficult time and the last thing you need is the stress of trying to negotiate real estate agents and paperwork associated with selling your home.

Using a vendor advocate means you have an independent expert to manage the sale process end-to-end, AND liaise between the all parties involved. This can dramatically reduce the stress associated with selling your own property and make for an easier transaction.

Overseas and interstate owners and investors

When you just can’t be there in person, a Synergy vendor advocate can oversee the process of selling your own property – keeping you informed every step of the way – and ensuring you the sale is handled in the best way to maximise the price.


Retirees and empty nesters looking to downsize their family home can find the prospect of dealing with real estate agents intimidating. A Synergy vendor advocate can negotiate the same of your property , enabling you to confidently move into the next phase of your life.

Synergy buyer’s advocate fees are tailored to your individual needs
Synergy offers a range of different services and fee structures depending on your  individual needs.
1. Full Service
2. Due Diligence and Negotiate/Bid
3. Auction Bid Only
4. Residential Investment Package
If you’d like further information about our fees and services for helping you to buy the property you want for the best possible price, contact the team at Synergy on 03 9425 5988 or email
1. Full Service
A Full Service is suitable for clients who don’t have the knowledge and/or time to search for and negotiate purchase of the right property at the right price. This may include busy executives and interstate or overseas professionals. This service saves you time, and most importantly, money. And it means you get the best deal overall!
A Synergy buyer advocate will meet with you to take a detailed brief, then show you through a handful of properties to gain a greater understanding of your personal tastes and preferences, and refine your brief. Using this information and our six key search criteria, then we begin an extensive property search – including contacting agents for off-market properties that may
 be available.
Although we’ll keep you updated with the details of every property inspected, we’ll only show you through properties matching your brief. Once we’ve found the right property, we’ll conduct a thorough due diligence and present a written report. We’ll also conduct all negotiations and bidding on your behalf.
The buyer’s advocate fees for this service are generally calculated as a capped percentage of the purchase price.
2. Due Diligence and Negotiate/Bid
This service suits those who enjoy looking for properties, but don’t necessarily have the time or resources to research the market thoroughly and ensure that their chosen property represents good value.
Once you’ve selected your property, Synergy will conduct the due diligence and by comparison with similar properties, advise what price your selected property could be expected to achieve in the open market. After reviewing Synergy’s report, you decide on the price point you are comfortable with, Synergy will either negotiate a private sale, or bid at auction on your behalf.
The buyer’s advocate fees for this service are calculated as a percentage of the purchase price.
3. Auction Bid Only
The Action Bid Only service is suitable for those who have selected a property and conducted their own due diligence, but either wish to remain anonymous when it comes to bidding for the property, or want to engage specific bidding expertise to give them a competitive edge  on the day.
Synergy meets with the client before the auction to discuss auction tactics and a bidding limit. An experienced Synergy negotiator will then bid on the client’s behalf to secure the property and help with signing the contract.
The buyer’s advocate fees for this service are comprised of a fixed attendance rate plus a percentage of the purchase price as a success fee.
4. Residential Investment Package
The Residential Investment Package means you’re serious about finding the right property to meet your investment objectives.
As experienced property managers, we know what makes a good investment property. We are continually inspecting properties and our network of real estate agents means that Synergy’s buyer advocates often have access to properties that reflect excellent buying opportunities – before they hit the market.
We look for those properties that offer good growth prospects in selected areas and keep you up-to-date on those that are suitable for you.
The buyer’s advocate fees for this service are fixed.

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